The wine routes


1) Azienda vitivinicola Bianca (AL)

The Dolcetto Wine Company White is made with enthusiasm, passion and respect for the traditions of the country of Cassinelle.


 2) Cascina Ipola (AL)

The history of the farm IPola rooted in tradition and culture in one of the most suitable areas for viticulture in the territory of Ovada ... 




Welness ways 


1) Nuove Terme  (AL) 

Around the first century BC the Roman city that was named "Acquae Statiellae," alluding to the people that you had installed previously and thermal water coming from the ground in large quantities, whose heyday was the one between the first and the second century AD.


2) Regina Terme (AL)

For an unforgettable holiday in Acqui Terme, dedicated to relaxation and well-being, you can stay in one of the many spas, where the guest has always a welcome service, hospitality and comfort of the highest level. 


3) Terme di Agliano (AT)

Agliano Spa offers several interesting features, including the Parish Church of St. James the Great, built in 500, destroyed by the Spanish in 1657 and then rebuilt in the Baroque style; inside you can admire a fifteenth century wooden crucifix. Other valuable works of art are present within the Churches of St. Michael and the Annunciation, both built in the seventeenth century. Outside Agliano worth visiting the castle of Calamandrana, to Burio (XIV century) and that of Belvoir. Agliano is the only town in the province of Asti, where you can make spa treatments useful to the organism.


4) Terme di Bognanco (VB)

The Spa is located at 700 meters above sea level, surrounded by an unspoilt mountain landscape with forests of chestnut and fir, where you can enjoy excellent climate. Discovered in 1863 by a young shepherdess thermal waters are rich in minerals and trace elements and flow from three sources: San Lorenzo, Ausonia and Gaudenziana. 




Historic Trails


1) Acqui Terme 

Acqui Terme is located in the south-eastern upper Monferrato on the left bank of the river Bormida, which, after the confluence of the two branches of Spigno and Millwall, opens the way toward the plain of Alexandria, between gently rolling hills ... 


2) Ovada 

Ovada is the principal municipality Ovada, the Lower and Upper Monferrato, Piedmont, located in the southern portion of the province of Alessandria, going south to border with Liguria and the province of Genoa. The Ovada area includes 16 municipalities and approximately 30,000 inhabitants ... 


3) Asti

It is the fourth municipality in the region by population, and the sixth to the surface. "Municipium" Roman known by the name or just Hasta Hasta Pompeia, was the seat of the Duchy of Asti, the Lombard Duchy of Neustria. Free common in the Middle Ages, with the right to "coin money," was one of the most important commercial centers between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, when its merchants developed trade and credit throughout Europe ... 


4) Casale

Ever since the city became a Roman municipium was the most important town in the district; after a period of decline caused by the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the invasions of barbarian peoples, in fact, became a free commune and from the fifteenth to the sixteenth century it was the capital of the Paleologo ... 


5) Canelli

The territory of Canelli in prehistoric times was the site of numerous settlements of the Ligurians Statielli. In Roman times there developed a first center of some importance, surrounded by many cottages where funds already cultivated the vine. After a long decline Canelli flourished from the High Middle Ages, so much so that in the year 961 is referred to as the "city," What makes the area unique is the basement which houses the "Underground Cathedrals" Cantine historical Canelli that wind for miles under the city's historic center.



Journeys wildlife


1) Parco Naturale la Tobiera (NO)

The Game Park "The Bog" is considered the most important Italian center for the preservation of endangered species, visit the park, through a walking path in a natural environment of great value, it is also a way to contribute to conservation projects in the places of origin of the animals ...


2) Parco Safari di Murazzano (CU)

In this amazing scenery tempered by a pleasant breeze, the Safari Park in the Langhe, born in 1976, is spread over an area of over 70 spectacular acres that provides large areas for each type of animal, within a totally unspoilt natural scenery. .. 


3) Safari Park (NO)

Safaripark has entered into a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Turin on research projects related to the pathology and the welfare of farm animals and the conservation of certain species highly prized zoo. 




Hiking trails


1) Itinerario "Tobbio"

Sentiero Valico degli Eremiti - Monte Tobbio.


2) Itinerario "Laghi"

Laghi della Lavagnina - Valico degli Eremiti.


3) Itinerario "Capanne"

Sentiero Capanne superiori - Costa Lavezzara.


4) Itinerario "Colla del prete"

Colla del prete - Passo della bocchetta.


5) Itinerario "4 comuni"

Il sentiero dei 4 comuni.


6) Itinerario "Balcone sulle Alpi"

Sentiero Treville - Balcone sulle Alpi.


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