Tranquility and harmony

L'oasi nel vigneto comes from our desire to escape the city to look for the places we cherish peace and tranquility of living in harmony with our animal friends.

Immersed in nature

Located in the hills of Monferrato, forests and vineyards form the backdrop and can be reached along a narrow road in the nature between oak and chestnut.

Always ready to you

For the hosts are fundamental hospitality, attention to detail and the choice of enhancing the surrounding area, finding ancient gestures and natural, away from the modernity




Our B&B is located in Cremolino (Chërmolin in Piedmont, Chermoìn in the Ligurian) is a town in the Italian province of Alessandria, nell'AltoMonferrato.

On June 1, 2006 was officially presented in Paris, the delegation formed by the Province of Asti, Province of Alessandria and Cuneo Province, the application file to include the territory of the Monferrato, together with that of the Langhe, Roero and Valtellina in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.


On June 22, 2014, during the 38th session of the UNESCO Doha, was officially included, together with Langhe and Roero, in the list of UNESCO World Heritage assets.  



Cited as Cremenna in a document of the tenth century, it came under the rule of the Lords of the Forest.

Around 1240, after marriage, he began the rule of the Malaspina, which lasted for two centuries, under the Marquis of Monferrato. Subject to the expansionist ambitions of the Savoy, he proclaimed his loyalty to the Monferrato.

Later it passed to the families of Genoa Sauli, the Centurions, the Doria and, ultimately, of Serra until 1708, the year in which all the Monferrato became part of the Duchy of Savoy.  

Places of interest    

The castle dominates the town, built at the beginning of the fourteenth century by Thomas Malaspina, who moved there leaving his residence Molar. It is believed that a previous building on site dates back to the eleventh century, although it is the first official mention in a document of 1316. The castle then passed in the sixteenth century to the families of Genoa Sauli and Centurion; was also a fief of the Andrea Doria.

In the eighteenth century it became the property of the Genoese Serra.

The ancient village surrounds the manor, which is inserted in the system of "Open Castles" of the Southern Piedmont. Around the historic core is visible, almost intact, the second set of walls built in the fifteenth century Isnardo 1460 by Malaspina.

A place of pilgrimage is the shrine of Bruceta, built in the ninth century.

It takes its name from the painting of Our Lady of stone in it and kept miraculously survived the fire that destroyed the existing chapel.

In 1918, Pope Benedict XV granted a plenary indulgence for this church.

The nearest railway station to get there is not one called Prasco-Cremolino, but that Ovada, equally distant, but much more served.  


Events and celebrations  

- 1º maggio: Festa delle frittelle, nel borgo medievale ; 

- fine maggio: Camminata gastronomica ;

- 2 giugno: Le veterane nell'antico borgo (auto storiche);

- 2º week-end di luglio: Sagra delle tagliatelle ;

- 3º week-end di luglio: Sagra del pesce (festa del tamburello) ;

- fine luglio : Sagra del pesce ;

- fine luglio - inizio agosto: Sagra delle acciughe fritte ;

- luglio - agosto: Teatro e musica nell'antico borgo ;

- fine agosto : Cremolino in notturna .

Also the eye wants its part!

We can assure you that the views "of our parts" are special!

Always ready to surprise you

We love the attention to detail, this sets us apart from other ...

An old style ... but at the same time young

We have a particular style, linked to the traditions but at the same time look to the future ...

Recommended !!!

Have you had a wonderful idea ... I will recommend your wonderful B & B to everyone! E x I'll start a big good luck.

Monica Nuvoli

Wonderful idea 

Have you had a wonderful idea we had the opportunity to spend a few hours in your house then you are wonderful and great people recommending it definitely compliments

Futura Vinci


Truly a beautiful single beb surrounded by nature, exceptional

Alessandro Leardi

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